Provides New Technologies That Enable the Standing Rider to Have Greater Control of Their Off-Road Motorcycle.

Three Years of Developing, Testing, Perfecting and Patenting Technology that Help’s Riders Grip’n Rip.

MX Control Tech Saddle

Vet Drew Dickson who said from his first test that he likes the seat, a lot! Riding his 2018 KTM 300XCW He says he definitely felt an added level of control with his legs. On steep climbs, he was able to grab the font seat grips with his knees to keep his weight over the front of the bike. He said he used the seat a lot on steep downhills because it let him take weight off his hands and gave him better control. He also said he was surprised with how comfortable it was while sitting.

MX Control Tech Designed a Seat for bike builder Jim Carducci at Corbin. It’s a rad Sportster Desert Racer that weighs less than 450lbs and has over 100hp. It won a 1st place people’s choice award at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach CA.