District 36 Vet Rider Drew Dickson Races with Grip'n Rip Seats.


Daymin Stoke (RIP) was a champion Baja type of endurance and distance racer from Australia. After several laps at Milestone MX Park last October he said he’d definitely like to race with it.

Bryce Stewart said after a few laps said he’d like to race with it. He likes how much easier it is to hold onto the bike under heavy acceleration, how great the bike’s rear tire gripped and kept a straight line under acceleration and also how well the bike tracked under deceleration.

R & D Tech Jesus and Owner Mike Corbin show the first MX Control Teat Seat made by Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories. Mike is the worlds largest manufacturer of custom motorcycle seats. He’s been making motorcycle seats for 50 years and partnered with MX Control Tech because he believes their patented control surface is a novel and much needed design for off-road motorcycle riders.

Nov 2018, Steve Baum wins 1st place in his class at Hollister Hills CA using a MX Control Tech Seat.

Random rider at Milestone MX Park in CA said he liked how easy it was to hold on to his bike when taking off and coming out of turns, and on straights and whoops.

Vet Drew Dickson of District 36. He says he likes the seat, a lot! He said he definitely has a huge level of control with his legs. On steep climbs, he’s able to grab the font seat grips with his knees to keep his weight over the front of the bike. He uses the seat a lot on steep downhills because it lets him take weight off his hands and gives him better control. He also really likes how comfortable it was while sitting. #DrewDickson88

Eiki Suzumura and his team from Japan race for Honda. After a 20 minute practice moto, Eiki said he’d like to race with it.

Jack Saggau tells his friends that it really helps him hold onto bike especially when going over whoops, coming out of turns and when taking off.